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Originally from an industrial design background, I have a clear understanding of the development/creative process on tangible offerings to answer the client’s needs. I am now seeking a full-time position to bring my strength to the next level, aiming at more user-centered, service-oriented solutions for future clients.


Product development, concept generation, data analysis and synthesis, quantitative/qualitative research, prototyping methods, digital fabrication and front-end web development.


  • CNS CO. Ltd.

Product Design Assistant
Taipei, Taiwan (Nov. 2011 – Apr. 20131)
Designed and proposed furniture and lighting products and concepts to clients.
Managed the prototype development of gesture-based home automation system

  • Republic of China Armed Forces

Military Police
Taipei, Taiwan (Dec. 2010 – Nov. 2011)
Developed interaction experience during exhibition events for the military police investigation research lab.

  • U10 Design  Product

Design Intern
Taipei, Taiwan (Oct. 2010 – Dec. 2010)
From ideation to final deliverable, supported designers on proposing innovative product concepts to clients. Primarily focused on gadgets for indoor exercises and soft goods.

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

Product Design Assistant
Tainan, Taiwan (Sept. 2007 – Sept. 2008)
Supported structure design, conducted usability test and built mock-up for an ankle rehabilitation robot.


  • Design Research Conference  Graphic Team

Chicago, Illinois (May 2010)
Helped identify and design key communication materials for participants of the conference, including developing brochure and participating in the ideation of event logo, T-shirt and signage.

  • Design Methods  Teaching Assistant

Tainan, Taiwan (2007 – 2008)
Supported teaching of undergraduate student teams. Their improvements were evaluated based on the understanding and familiarity of different innovation frameworks.


  • Core77 2014 Design Awards: Student Notable

USA (Jun. 2014) is a platform where self-trackers can create, iterate, and share those experiments. Unlike most self-tracking services, sustains a community of experimenters who build their own unique designs. provides online tools for making those designs, and facilitates sharing of them within the community.

  • IDEA  Student Designs: Bronze Prize

USA (Jun. 2010)

The “Future Living” project described a system of components that can be combined to form dwellings to help inhabitants grow and mature as members of the society.

  • TIC 100 Excellent Performance

Taipei, Taiwan (Aug. 2008)

Our team focused on startup opportunities of online platform providing print goods which enables artists to demonstrate and promote their work by transfer-printing it on various objects such as T-shirts, helmets and mugs.

  • International Design Workshop, National Cheng Kung University, Bronze Prize

Taipei, Taiwan (May 2006)

Team project “Squeezie: Digital Food Decorator” introduced an intuitive way for family members to share, play and communicate during daily dining.


  • Institute of Design, IIT  Master of Design

Chicago, Illinois (Aug. 2009 – May 2010, Aug. 2013 – May 2014)

  • National Cheng Kung University  Master & Bachelor’s Degree, Industrial Design

Tainan, Taiwan (Sept. 2003 – Jul. 2010)


Abobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Actionscript 3.0, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, 3Ds Max, Solidwork, Keyshot
Chinese, English, Japanese