January, 2014
Team work with Shiyi Li and Darren Gene Peterson
Update 6/17: We won 2014 Core77 Design Award: Student Notable at Strategy and Research Category


Our target audience is the self-tracking community, as known as “Quantified Self Movement” participants. The research goal is by learning from them, we can identify latent needs that facilitates their routine task of data tracking, and propose innovative solutions towards their needs.


  • Secondary Research
  • User Interview
  • User Profile
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Wireframe
  • User Journey
  • Concept Generation


We propose the idea Tinker-it as a web platform for self-tracking app developers. With the constantly evolving tool sets, Tinker.it provides a circulating environment where users create, iterate and share their creative solution for tracking sensors and devices. Such solutions, as a pioneering attempt to future possibilities, can then be beneficial to related stakeholders like hardware manufacturer and researcher. Take a look!

User Profile & Scenario

Early Wireframe

Experience Model

Feature Video

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