Kitchen Waste Recycling

January, 2007
Thesis Project


Design solution addressing waste management considering contextual factors such as culture, weather condition, life style and government policies.


  • Primary/Secondary Research
  • User Interview
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Concept Generation
  • Prototyping


According to the research, the level of moisture plays dominant role in the life cycle of kitchen waste in Taiwan. It is best to remove as much moisture as possible for the following benefits: 1.Reduce putrefaction and pests. 2.Reduce volume of waste and related cost on trash collection fee. 3.When collected appropriately, kitchen waste can be transformed into compost and fertilizer. The proposed design is then considering the work flow of cooking and waste collection in order to drained most of the water out to the sink over night.

Primary Research

Concept Proposal

CAD Modeling

Prototype and Display


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