In Progress Individual Project Objective IndiDry is a Kickstarter project focusing on the idea of improvised laundry solutions (especially targeting the drying issues) for business travelers and backpackers. As people traveling abroad, ther...more



November, 2011 Full-size PDF Objective Speculative concept that enhances current user scenario by elaborating opportunities from future technology. Methods Concept Generation Scenario Analysis Sketch Result Postroid is an idea for...more

Dinning Chair


June, 2010 Individual Project Objective Propose a dinning chair concept for large furniture retails considering specific user group and their living condition. Method Secondary Research Concept Sketch Prototyping Result The purpos...more



August, 2008 Objective Propose speculative concept direction considering issues in a near future scenario. Methods Secondary Research Concept Generation Result To address the potential environmental changes due to global warming, Aqu...more



May, 2008 Objective Product design concept targeting the act of eating. Methods Concept Generation Result The Wrap/Warm focuses on the scene of drinking hot beverages. The cup wrapper is made out of warm-keeping material, and thus the ...more



January, 2007 Team work with Jun Wei Lin, Yi Dan Wang and Yung Cheng Chen Objective Design merchandise with overall understanding of target audience, production flow, marketing strategy and ways of distribution. Deploy the product plan as a sm...more

The Disco Style


January, 2007 Objective Create product design proposals based on cultural, contextual and visual elements from selected themes. Methods Sketch Prototyping Sketch [cycloneslider id="disco_sketch"] Rendering [cycloneslider id="...more

Kitchen Waste Recycling


January, 2007 Thesis Project Objective Design solution addressing waste management considering contextual factors such as culture, weather condition, life style and government policies. Methods Primary/Secondary Research User Interview ...more

Basin: Speaker Design Project


June, 2006 Team work with Chia-Pei Lu, Fen Ju Lin and Azure Yang Objective This project aimed for designing speaker products using extensive research on alternatives in the market to determine distinguish features. To operate as a hypothetical...more